Collision Magazine

How do I subscribe to Collision Magazine?

Subscriptions to Collision Magazine may be purchased on an annual basis at the Collision Publishing website. Subscriptions are set to auto-renewal annually to receive both issues of Collision during a given year. After the first year, and before the auto-renewal, subscribers may cancel their recurring subscription.

If I subscribe to Collision Magazine in digital format can I print or download the magazine?

A digital copy subscription is intended for one user only and may only be available to one person/computer on-line through their personal account at Hard copy issues of Collision Magazine are mailed directly to the subscriber. Subscriptions are also available in both the digital and hard copy format for each issue of Collision Magazine.

Can I purchase a back issue of Collision Magazine or an individual article?

Yes, back issues are available in digital format at here. Individual articles form back issues may also be selected and added to your digital subscription account at

How is Collision Magazine delivered?

The magazine is delivered to annual subscribers in digital format, hard copy printed format, or both. The digital copy of Collision Magazine can only be viewed or read on-line with a person account at here.

How are back issues with digital content like conference test data delivered?

Some issues of Collision Magazine were delivered, in hard copy, with a disk or thumb drive containing digital content from activities such as the ARC-CSI Crash Conference crash tests or the EDR Summit presentations (or even crash test data from the Summit). Given the volume of data to be distributed, the digital magazine portal isn’t capable of handling the volume of bonus data originally delivered on a physical media so, as a back issue which had digital data is purchased, the end user will receive e separate email where that digital content can be downloaded.

How can I submit an article to Collision Magazine?

Collision Magazine is always happy to publish new, insightful and worthwhile articles related to the crash reconstruction community. At our article submission portal, you can submit a proposal for review and potential inclusion in an upcoming issue of Collision Magazine.

I read something I disagree with, can I submit a rebuttal to the article?

Of course. Collision Magazine is open to a “My Turn at the Wheel” where readers can submit more casual articles (something not necessarily technically “heavy”) and we are open to opinion and rebuttal articles in which someone may want to offer an alternative point-of-view on a previously published article. This option is, in many ways, actually the ultimate form of “peer review.”

Are articles in Collision Magazine “peer reviewed?”

In Volume 6,issue 2 of Collision Magazine, you may find “Peer reviewed papers, the SAE and Collision Magazine- mutually exclusive concepts?” by W. R. Rusty Haight and in Volume 7, Issue 1, you may find “Peer Review” by Raymond M. Brach, et al. While now a little dated in some ways, both are a good overview of what “peer review” is and isn’t.

At Collision Magazine, we believe in the idea that anything bordering on censorship does little to promote the exchange of new ideas and information. Referencing the content and ideas in the articles above, “peer review” means, simply “evaluation of a person's work by a group of people in the same occupation, profession, or industry.”

We believe it is best done by those actually involved in the field, in the technology, in a specific discipline. The larger body of potential “peers" where an opportunity for rebuttal is readily available is the ultimate “peer review” and such is the case with Collision Magazine: anyone can submit a review. While we have select individuals who review content for obvious errors or typos to the extent possible (and mistakes do get through), the larger readership of Collision are in the best position to review an article rather than a hand-picked set of individuals who may be motivated by ideologically or other factors.

How long has Collision Magazine been around?

For more than 16 years, Collision Magazine has been the home of timely and original research for crash reconstructionists. Never the home of “just another article from the internet,” Collision Magazine has always been on the cutting edge of new and fresh papers and articles with a demonstrably real value for the readership no matter their background or level of training.

EDR User’s Summit

How do I register for the EDR User’s Summit?

As registration opens at the Collision Publishing website, those looking to register for the upcoming EDR User’s Summit (February 5-7, 2024) can select the registration and discount they qualify for and insure their spot at the Summit.

Is there a conference fee discount for registration at the EDR User’s Summit?

Yes, as registration opens at the Collision Publishing website, different levels of discounts from the full conference registration price are available including an “early bird” discount, a discount for those who attended the 2020 EDR Summit, and a discount for subscribers of Collision Magazine.

Where will the EDR User’s Summit be held?

Because of the potential for inclement weather in various parts of the US and in the interest of finding a major airline hub, the EDR User’s Summit will be held again near the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas. The EDR User’s Summit was first held at the Sheraton North Houston from 2006 through 2013. Scheduling being what it was, the Summit moved to a different venue in 2014 but we’re happy to be back at the renovated Sheraton North Houston for 2024. A special Summit Attendee rate code has been posted and must be used for the best rate for the period during and around the Summit. There is a hotel link on the Collision Publishing website with links and more information about the conference venue hotel.

Do I have to stay at the conference hotel?

No, and unlike the last hotel venue, there are more hotel opportunities and restaurants near the Sheraton at Intercontinental Airport. That said, past attendees valued (a) being close to the airport for travel expenses and (b) convenience to the conference venue as important factors in the location of the conference. Many police agencies and some companies are reluctant to allow for car rental or expensive ground transportation for their employees attending a conference. As such, staying near the selected hub airport remains a primary consideration. Staying at the Sheraton means you’re an elevator ride to and from your room to the conference meeting room while a number of restaurants are either walking distance or a short ride share away.

What will the topics be at the EDR User’s Summit?

It’s too early to post the final list of topics for the next Summit, however, some topics which have been set include Toyota Techstream data from a 35-year employee at Toyota, Tesla CAN Bus data interpretation and, Tesla CAN Bus data limitations and ranges, case problems based on crashes where EDR data played a major role in understanding the crash, and more. As topics and titles are finalized, they’ll be posted here at the Collision Publishing website.

Who are the speakers at the EDR User’s Summit?

As with the topics for the upcoming Summit, it’s too early to post the final list of speakers. As speakers and their presentation titles are finalised, they’ll be posted here at the Collision Publishing website.

Is the EDR User’s Summit approved for ACTAR CEUs?

As in the past, the EDR User’s Summit schedule will be submitted to ACTAR for CEU pre-approval but since it’s too early to post the final list of topics for the next Summit, it’s too early to see about CEUs. We believe the CEU sign in will follow the i-Attend Self Check-In process ACTAR uses and is as identified at here.

Will there be a Train-The-Trainer course with the EDR User’s Summit?

Yes, the Collision Safety Institute CDR Tool Technician Train-The-Trainer program will be offered on 4 February, 2024 at the conference Hotel from 8am to 5pm. Those who qualify for the course will receive the CDR Technician Train-The-Trainer program which includes the Bosch CDR Tool Technician course, the Tesla EDR Technician Course, and the Hyundai and Kia EDR Tool Technician Course, handouts, instructor PowerPoint, instructor notes, exams, exam keys and additional handout material for the Trainer to distribute to those attending their course. The course material is then licensed to the instructor for 2 years.

Are travel, meals and lodging covered for those attending the EDR User’s Summit?

Travel, ground transportation, and lodging are the responsibility of those attending the Summit. During the Summit, breakfast (3 days) and lunch (2 days) will be provided at the Summit venue. Evening meals are “on your own” for attendees at the restaurant in the hotel, more nearby, or a short ride share away.

Is there a cancellation policy for the EDR User’s Summit?

Yes, you can review the EDR User’s Summit Terms of Service here.